Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Most Surreal Title win?

As I write this. It's 24 hours after Rangers claimed the Third Division League title. Having attended the Montrose match myself, it was probably the least most celebrated Rangers honour I've ever witnessed in my 26 years following the club. The day started off as normal. Plenty of beer on route to the match. Who cares if it was 8am eh? We arrived in a sun drenched Montrose, a little skeptical of what we would witness in the 90 minutes in waiting. As we all know, the performances have been way below the standard of Rangers Football Club regardless of the league or opposition.

As feared. The game finished in a disappointing 0-0 draw. With Rangers not convincing the fans we're worthy of a title party. I personally left the match at half time to enjoy more beer at the British Legion Club just outside the ground. Why? You may ask did I do this, well I'll fill you in. The standard of performance as I mentioned before, in recent months has become less than pleasant on the  eye. In fact it's been what you can only describe as woeful! McCoist has been in the firing line of most of the criticism and rightly so. He seems to think the performances have been ok. Which I'd be happy to say and lay my neck on the line, that 99% of fans are losing patience. And fast.

But back to the title of the article, the title win. On route home from Montrose. As you could imagine, a little worse for wear. We checked the score at Hampden Park eagerly as anything other than a win for Queen's Park against Elgin City, would see Rangers claim the first title on way back to the top! Or did we wait eagerly? When it was confirmed Rangers had in fact won the league, instead of the usual party atmosphere surrounding most titles wins. It was greeted with a couple of, "did we, Aye". It seemed like no one gave a toss. And I believe this is down to the sheer boredom of going to watch our club these days. At first it was exciting. We needed to get behind the team. But the run of no goals scored in three of the last four games, has just taken the fun out of the games.

Please don't think I'm being harsh on the team, or that winning the title isn't enjoyable. Of course it's one step on the journey back to the top, but all staff members at Ibrox and Auchenhowie have to realise that the standard of football is good enough for the Glasgow Rangers. At the same time, here's to seeing our club back in the top flight and Europe sooner rather than later. Maybe even England. 

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